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Take a journey with me….

I want to put my portrait skills to the test and branch into an area that has very personal importance to me. Body confidence, self love and sensuality, you may be full of confidence and if so that’s amazing, I can’t wait to work with you!

However, if that’s not the case, and you’re currently avoiding mirrors, covering yourself up and only doing sexy time with the lights turned off, then let’s take a journey to find that confidence. This journey is not about feeling or looking good to or for others, this is purely a journey for YOU, so that you can find yourself, to have something special for yourself and love who you are.

I’ve done a little research into Boudoir photographers in Melbourne for my own personal journey, however, I have been underwhelmed by the portfolios, feeling that something is missing in the pictures I see, feeling an element of sleeze or insincerity in the finished products . I want to create beautiful, timeless photographs, that ooze with confidence and sensuality, done in a respectful, safe and freeing manner.

What do I want from you?

You know that extra courage you find after 1 too many wines…? I ask you to take a leap of faith in me, so that your walls come down, the way they come down when you’ve had 1 too many. As my client, there is no judgment only encouragement. What you say or do is locked between us and the images we create. You can be lead by my direction, or, if you have a fantasy of your own, an idea of what you want to achieve, I am open to your input and will work with you to bring this to life. I have no boundaries, play as safe as you like, or express yourself in a way you may have never before.

What is the process?

I’ll be renting out a suitable AirBNB apartment that has a space that’s complimentary to Boudoir style, this will be fairly central, either CBD or inner Suburbs. At this point my budget only allows for one event, which I will divide into as many sessions as I believe I can fulfil. If you’re not available on the date I arrange the booking, then unfortunately, you miss out on the opportunity for the complimentary session.

I’ll be allocating 2 hour time slots to those who are selected for the shoots, approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour of that will be shooting, the remaining time will be having hair and make up done(unless you wish to do your own). The hair & Make up will (hopefully) be complimentary as I will look to collaborate with a HMUA, however they may require a fee for their time which I will notify you of before anything is confirmed.

You will be required to attend at the allocated time slot, bring your own undies, lingerie, clothing, outfits, props or birthday suit! etc (which we can discuss prior to if you wish)

Following the shoot, I will communicate with you and keep you updated, once I have edited the shots, they will be posted in a secure online gallery for YOUR viewing pleasure only.

What do you as my client get?

My intention is for you to leave the shoot buzzing with self love, new found confidence and a deeper connection to your sensuality as well as a sense of achievement. For your time and trust in me, I will gift you 5 digital copies of photos from your shoot. You do have the opportunity to obtain more photos if you like all your portfolio images, however payment would be required for these additional files. Trust me, I am no sales woman, I am not going to try any hard sell approaches on you to part with any money. I do however, want to ensure that there is an understanding before beginning regarding the limit on photo’s in exchange for your time.

Extra info: If you haven’t previously worked with a photographer on a Time for Print/Pay basis, the model generally receives an amount of photo’s equal to the time they have spent with the photographer based on photographers rates/ experience etc. I currently sell my digital photo’s for $45 each, therefore the 5 you receive for the session is equal to $225 worth of payment for your time.

What will I do with your images??

Firstly, I want to reassure you that your privacy is of utmost importance to me, I appreciate the trust and expression you have with me. I therefore, will use only images that you agree to be used, or where your identity is otherwise hidden by way of prop/ disguise, angle, shadow, or by creative cropping. (The legal gumph…In summary, as the photographer, I retain all rights to the images and therefore retain rights to use the images for any purpose such as self promotion/ marketing/ social media/ competition entry as examples) But, this would only be done as mentioned above, with your agreement to which images are used.

What can you do with your images??

Your images come with a ‘royalty free personal use licence’ – this means that you can do anything with the photos as long as it’s for personal use. For example, you can get them printed, you can post them online, you can send them to your lover, you can put them on your dating profile or the like. But what you can’t do is: sell them, use them to make an income, edit them with crappy filters.

If you are willing to take the plunge and agree to the basic terms mentioned above, let me know and we can proceed to the next step!

Complete the questionnaire

This is not only for me so I know what parts of yourself you might be especially insecure about.

It also helps the make up artists to prepare ahead of working with you to achieve your look.

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