Day Care and Pre School Loyalty and Referral Program.

Meeky Muu is big on community, as such, I welcome the opportunity to work with other centres within my community. My aim is to grow my business and forge long relationships with the centres I provide services to.

I have developed a basic loyalty program for my centres as prescribed below:

  1. Centres who rebook my photography services annually will receive an extra $100 commission
  2. Centres who refer me to other centre’s who subsequently book my services will receive an extra $50 per booked centre
  3. Centres who book me following a referral also get $100 extra commission

Commission & Loyalty Payment Terms

  1. Commissions & any bonus commissions are ‘paid’ following the photography session and closure of the prescribed ordering period for each centre.
  2. Commissions are not paid in ‘cash’ they are given to the centre by way of learning supplies that are required by the facility either through a specific supplier requested by the centre Director, or by a suitable supplier with whom Meeky Muu has an account with.
  3. Commissions are ‘paid’ on profits, after photographer costs are deducted
  4. Referral commissions are paid to referring centre only following the referred centres Photography session and subsequent ordering period.
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