Who we are…

Hayleigh Beach

Owner / Photographer

Meeky Muu is a One Woman Team, the business name recycled from my first born child’s affectionate(pet) name. Yes, that’s right, I am the web designer, the financial controller, the marketing department, the delivery driver, the content writer, the coffee & tea maker, receptionist, other sole trader’s will empathise!

I have been taking photos since my dad handed his old Pentax SLR to me in 1986, I was 8 years old and had no clue what I was doing, but fell in love with the ‘Click’ and the satisfaction of winding on for the next shot. Of course back then, it was shooting on film, so there was no knowing if the shot was a good one until the film was developed, oh the anticipation.

Most importantly, I am a proud mother to three amazing children 9, 7 & 2 they are very different from each other, but we all connect with our creative personalities and our shared love of the outdoors & of course, cuddles.

Fast forward to today and I have continued taking photos with the same excitement and hunger to get the image just perfect. And that ‘perfect’ means it captures the very essence of the moment, the feeling, the laughter, the love, the emotion, the beauty, however that is represented.

The person behind the lens

I am a warrior, inventive, highly strung, shy, generous, silly, socially awkward at times, obsessive compulsive, a gardener, eternally optimistic, creative, loving, adventurous, stubborn as an ox, resourceful, a dressmaker, opinionated, affectionate, long-winded storyteller, honest, DIY loving, descriptive, ambitious, household singer, too much information giver, baker of goodness, forever finding myself, spiritual…perhaps a closet hippy?

What else do I do?

I do love Macro & nature Photography, if that’s your thing, please do follow me on my personal instagram by clicking the insta link below