MeekyMuu PreSchool Portraits

Daycare & Kindy portraits can be an exciting time for both children and parents. What better way to raise funds for your centre than to offer your families beautifully captured professional photos of their child(ren) interacting and engaged with your staff & learning programs.

I provide professional portrait photography services to Daycare centres, Kinder’s, Pre Schools & Play Group’s across Melbourne, this includes annual individual photos, sibling photos as well as group photos, staff photos & facilities photos.

My portrait work has been acknowledged both Nationally and Internationally and was recently a published feature in CaptureMag. I am also an accredited member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers.

What’s the Meeky Muu Difference?

  • I offer MORE photographs to your families
  • I ensure I capture a VARIETY of photographs of each child giving parents a real insight to activities they get up to
  • I don’t ask children to smile or look at the camera, I only capture what happens ORGANICALLY
  • I don’t charge extra for black & white images!
  • I work closely with you to ensure no disruption to your daily schedule
  • I communicate with you to understand requirements
  • I am a sole trader, local to your community, there is only one of me! (= Consistency with service & image quality)
  • I take time to get the shots I am after, there is no pressure, no rush & no posing!!
  • Natural shots is what I am after, concentration tongues sticking out, stares of interest, unsuspecting, unprovoked silliness
  • I offer quality products that no other professional daycare photographer currently offers
  • All products are archival quality, no tacky vinyl albums here!

Benefits for your centre?

  • 10% profits returned to you as a rebate
  • Non interruptive approach
  • I provide all family communication & promotional material
  • No extra work on your centre’s behalf
  • Flexibility with ordering – offering Cash orders, online galleries with direct access to product orders
  • Images can be delivered to your families home, so less photograph distribution for you
  • Entry into my annual giveaway of additional kinder supplies.
  • Complimentary staff headshots (digital)
  • Complimentary property/ facilities digital images to keep your website up to date and looking fabulous, you will typically receive between 50 – 150 facilities shots which are great to use on your blog or in your newsletters or marketing materials instead of buying stock photos, as well as keeping your website/ facebook and Instagram feed full of great visual content.

Benefits for your families?

  • A free photoshoot by a professional qualified photographer
  • No Order Minimum
  • Discounts on 2nd child’s photos
  • Professional images captured whilst their child(ren) is/are playing, learning and engaged in your activities.
  • Access to their child’s images via a personal, secure online gallery
  • No obligation to purchase
  • All ordering done online or via simple form
  • Gallery Phone APP available
  • Packages to suit all budgets, delivering the most value in all benchmark comparison I have done.
  • Printed images delivered to your families home or in a batch to the centre
  • Variety of print products such as canvas, metal, Fine Art Prints, photo book, calendars and mugs.
  • Digital download packages for those parents who wish to arrange their own printing

A bit more about my style

I give you my personality, my love and joy for capturing children doing what kids do, I invest so much effort in my time with you, I take time to know your children and staff, I work in unison with you. I am not a stuffy photographer with an overly polished ego, I am a mum first and I share that with your centre and believe this is truly reflected in the images I offer your parents.

I float around and monitor what is unfolding naturally, it might be a child fiddling with buttons on their jacket, or kicking up some mud in the yard, or building a sand cake, cutting with scissors and sticking with paste. I’ll also capture them sprinting around like a gazelle in the Serengeti if your yard is big enough!

I ask your children questions about what they are doing, I engage by subtly including myself in their learning or play space, I speak with educators and understand which children may be shy and anxious and carefully navigate these emotions to gain trust.

Once children are comfortable with my presence, I get a bit silly with them, I take them on an adventure in the yard, or they take me on one! Any interaction I have with the children is to spark their imagination, get their silly’s happening and most of all, make it an enjoyable experience for them.

I work around the centre’s time keeping, so there are no interruptions to schedules and as I work throughout the centre everyday during my time, all children will be captured at least once every day I am there, so parents get a great deal of variety in the photographs I present to them.

If you are a Director, or Centre Manager of a child care service in Melbourne and you would like to find out more, please reach out to me by email or giving me a call!

Tel: 0426 113 768 (I don’t answer the phone when I am with clients, so if you get my voicemail, please leave as much information as possible and I will call you as soon as I am able within school hours) or Text me!

“How on earth do you remember the kids names already?!”

Centre Educator

“I had no idea you were here! I mean that as a compliment!”

Centre Director