What is your family history worth to you?


Some of us are still lucky enough to remember the days of spending hours looking through family photo albums.

The pages held many memories, and within them, stories lovingly attached to the event being captured.

In our digital age, clicking through phone galleries is no substitute for thumbing through pages of our history. And sadly, it leaves us with nothing tangible to link us to our family legacy.

Don’t lose them…..

I personally know how devastating it is to loose decades of my families images, it can happen in a heartbeat.

Whether it’s natural ageing, an overseas move, mildew, flood or fire that are responsible. Photographs that carry so much of our families history are only as safe as you choose to keep them.

In a Nutshell

I offer a service to allow you peace of mind. I lovingly convert your old photos and albums into digital format, enhance or restore each photograph as required, then I print each photograph to your specifications or requirements.

This may include replacement prints in a range of sizes for both framing or placing in a new album… or perhaps a beautiful customised leather bound coffee table book? They can then be uploaded to a private & secure online gallery with lifetime access.

Scanned Images at high resolution

The point of difference with my service is that your photographs will be carefully processed; with each image scanned at hi resolution and converted into a digital Jpeg file.

This allows you to re-print copies or even enlarge your photographs for any occasion without compromising quality or integrity of the image.

Yes, we may all have a scanner at home, but it is my experience, expertise and access to quality equipment and resources that is again, a point of difference in my service offerings.

Enhanced & Restored

Lucky enough to have some heirloom photos like the example of my lovely Nanny May above?

Unfortunately, the original copy of the photo became quite badly damaged over the years, there were creases and the surface of the photograph was scratched dusty & covered in years of fingerprint build up.

However, using digital restoration techniques, the photo has been restored to its original beauty.

Maybe your photo’s don’t need restoring, a simple exposure and colour balance may be all that’s required to fully enhance the photograph.

Whatever your wishes, I will consult directly with you to establish how much, or how little you would like your images to be enhanced.

Professionally Printed

Printing is offered using Victoria’s premium print specialists, using high quality archival photo paper.

Other products include stretch canvas, glass prints, fine art prints & aluminium sheet printing to name but a few, the full list of products can be viewed here.

All print products are delivered to your door in Australia, as well as to family overseas. Framing services are also available.

Timeless Photo Books

Once your images have been lovingly restored and enhanced why not showcase them in a bespoke photo book?

With a variety of sizes & styles to suit all budgets, this is the perfect way to share your beloved photographs, keeping the precious originals safely locked away.

Photo books make for a beautiful & emotionally touching gift, whether it’s for mum on Mother’s Day, your grand parents 50th wedding anniversary, or perhaps a special tribute for someone who left the earth too soon, the turn of each page will spark nostalgia, memories & stories that can be passed down through your family for generations to come.

Optional Extras

Online Gallery for sharing with loved ones, wherever they are in the world….

You will received a personalised link to your online gallery, your photos will be compiled into virtual galleries and presented via a stylised website, each gallery will be clearly named to match that of the original album.

Your link is only accessible by you with a personalised password.

You are welcome to share your link and password with anyone you choose to.

From your link, you can download your images whenever you wish to, at no charge.

The link will always be accessible should you need wish to print, download or share.

Ask for this to be included in a no obligation quotation

USB Drive Storage

Your photograph files can be stored to a USB, instead or in addition to an online gallery. Multiple copies of the USB drive can be produced if you wish to share them with family members.

Your USB will be presented in a small keepsake box for safe keeping & protection.

Ask for this to be included in a no obligation quotation

You will kick yourself for not doing it sooner…….